Where is my order?


Many of you have been questioning us regarding stock and eta of your orders, we of course try to be as transparent as possible with you. At the moment, things just keep getting pushed further back and unfortunately will continue to do so even in the first quarter of 2022 as society continues to recover from the impacts of the best part of 2 years.

Unfortunately, this is out of our control due to four main factors.

1. The Supply Chain

Due to the “C” word that everyone is now bored of hearing, yes, that is right “COVID-19“, the supply chain is in a real mess currently and is more or less affecting most industries around the globe. Looking more closely into our industry though, there has been a shortage of microchips, LCD screens and Steel. These are commonly used on many DJ controllers and the Steel is used to make PA speakers, microchips, amp modules and many lighting fixtures.

2. COVID-19

Yes, the “C” word again! Many factories in parts of Asia where we get a lot of our stock from are currently working at a reduced capacity due to restrictions, furthermore, some factories have been closed down completely due to outbreaks of the virus. Not only is there a shortage of raw materials, the staff also aren’t there to keep up.

3. Shipping

Shipping container prices are currently rising rapidly and not by a small amount either. So for manufacturers to keep their expenses as low as possible, they are going for slower shipping methods. In addition to this, numerous ports have closed, many of them have shut whilst stock is being held at them, so as you can imagine, recovering this stock is taking a lot of time.

4. Brexit

If it isn’t the “C” word, it’s the “B” word! Once the raw materials have been received at the factories, there is plenty of staff & factories operating and the slow shipping containers have arrived to a port in the UK, due to new procedures since the UK has left the EU, lots of paperwork has to be processed and the shortage of HGV drivers also adds to this.

To sum all of this up… with these four factors combined, this leads up to one massive delay until the stock arrives to us and as we know all retailers in the UK are all experiencing the same problems.

It has got that bad that suppliers & manufacturers don’t know themselves when they will be able to send stock out to us so of course we are only able to relay that message to you.

We totally understand your frustration too, especially when spending large amounts of money. However, we would like to say a massive thank you for your continued support and patience, it is very much appreciated.

From the team here at…