Equinox Spark Stream

The Equinox Spark Stream is a unique type of spark machine that projects cold sparks that will not catch fire. The system contains no explosive content making it perfect for any indoor or outdoor event from fashion shows and concerts to corporate events. The Equinox Spark Stream operates at much cooler temperatures then traditional pyrotechnics by heating specially formulated granules and projecting them into the air. The sparks produced are non-flammable and non-hazardous.


– Non-pyrotechnic fountain display
– Virtually no smell and very little smoke
– Output time: up to 5 1/2 minutes
from 1 powder pouch
– Output height: up to 3m
– Warm-up time: approx. 8 minutes
– Hopper capacity: 120g
– DMX channels: 1
– Manual (via wireless remote) and DMX modes
– 3 push button menu with LED display
– PowerCON input/output
– 3-Pin XLR input/output
– Wireless remote control included
– Equinox Spark Stream Granules (Order code: EQLED351A) sold separately

WARNING: Whilst the unit and the effect are extremely safe, please do not place any flammable materials within 3m distance of the unit. Please also ensure that the units are not covered with anything that may impact the flow of sparks during operation. Supplied with rubber matting.

Wireless Remote Control

Button A – Stop output
Button B – Low continuous output
Button C – Medium continuous output
Button D – High continuous output

Output height:

Button        Output               Height
B             Low output         2.0m
C             Medium output 2.5m
D             High output        3.0m

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How safe is the machine?

The Spark Stream has been built to eliminate the fire risks that come with normal pyrotechnics.
No large safety or exclusion zones are required as the heated granules cool instantly when they come in contact with the air and are safe to touch. All of the materials are completely non-hazardous.

How does it work?

The effect is simply created by heating the titanium alloy granules which are then blown from the spark outlet opening on the top of the unit to create a fountain of sparks. The height and intensity of the sparks can be adjusted via the wireless remote or a DMX controller using a 5-pin DMX cable. Each unit requires just 1 DMX channel for operation so it can easily be combined with any other lighting or sound effects which are being controlled from your DMX desk.

Where can I use the Spark Stream?

The effect has been designed for indoor use as it is extremely safe and does not present a fire risk,
meaning that it can be safely used in practically any venue. The unit can be used outdoors, however it must be kept completely dry. If any moisture or rain gets into the unit the powder will begin to clog and the internal mechanisms may become damaged.

Is there any fallout/residue?

During operation the Spark Stream unit does produce a small amount of dust from the granules that
generate the sparks. This dust can easily be swept or blown away. Certain surfaces such as carpets,

soft furnishings or delicate surfaces may not be suitable. If there is any uncertainty about the suitability of the surface this machine should not be used.

How quick is setup and installation?

Multiple units can be set up extremely quickly and linked via DMX and up to 4 via power input/outputs. Once the powder has been poured into the machine and the unit is powered on, a heating sequence needs to be enabled to bring the element inside the unit up to the required temperature, this takes 8 minutes. Once the element has reached the required temperature the units are ready for use.

Equinox Spark Stream Hire

Hire Price: £50 + VAT. (per day – contact us for weekly rate)

Equinox Spark Stream Granules Pouch (120g) – £35 incl. VAT.
(purchase only)

• Non-pyrotechnic Titanium Alloy Granules
• Virtually no smell and very little smoke
• Output time: up to 5 1/2minutes from 1 powder pouch
• Output height: up to 3m

*(Two forms of I.D to be provided)

Additional terms and conditions of hire available here

Equinox Spark Stream
Equinox Spark Stream Rear
Equinox Spark STream Effect
Equinox Spark Stream Effect 1
Equinox Spark Stream Effect 2
Equinox Spark Stream Effect 3

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