Allen and Heath ZED-6FX Compact Analogue Mixer


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The Allen and Heath Zed-6FX is a compact mixer designed for guitarists and singer-songwriters to easily and quickly obtain professional sounding audio.



The Allen and Heath Zed-6FX is a compact mixer designed for guitarists and singer-songwriters to easily and quickly obtain professional sounding audio. The Zed-6FX features 2 mic/line inputs, each with separate XLR and TRS sockets, and 2 stereo inputs with TRS jack sockets. It also comes with 2 guitar DI inputs, which means no DI boxes are required to get good quality audio. This provides a simple, easily controllable interface that will comfortably handle all the spontaneous jams, atmospheric recordings, and intimate performances that you’ll have. The Zed-6FX also benefits from an FX function, featuring studio quality reverbs, delays and choruses. Its compact and robust design makes it perfect to take to practice sessions, holidays, and other venues it may come in use. The Allen and Heath Zed-6FX is the perfect companion for those who want high quality audio, without using masses of space.

Exceptional Audio Quality

In a compact audio mixer, the preamps are of paramount importance as they determine the quality of sound available to mix and master at any later stage. Allen and Heath have equipped the Zed-6FX with GSPre preamps, which are designed to produce low noise with a large headroom. This gives an enriching, warm and deep tone to the sound, giving your recordings a classic analog shape. The Zed-6FX also comes with 2 band MusiQ EQ controls for you to easily enhance and decorate your music.

FX Audio Enhancement

The Zed-6FX brings to you a whole array of reverbs, choruses, echoes and delays for you to layer and enrich your sound. Especially useful with live performances, this function could be used to add atmosphere to your vocals, or to further celebrate each note of your instrument. The multi-model setting means you can combine effects together to further tailor and expand the sound you’re creating.

Road Proof

Allen and Heath’s products are well regarded for their sturdiness and solid build quality and the Zed-6FX is no different. The outer casing is of solid construction and all controls are impact-proof thanks to the steel nut and individual channel fixing. The Zed-6FX has been built for the road and all of the knocks and bumps that travelling brings.

Made for Guitars

The Zed-6FX has been made for singer songwriters, guitarists and small bands. It focuses on those who don’t need endless channels for instruments, but just a few solid, great sounding inputs to record their music. Allen and Heath have given the Zed-6FX two guitar DI high impedance jack inputs which make recording your guitar simple and clutter free. There’s no need for a DI box which makes everything more simple and practical.


  • 2 Mic / Line Inputs with separate XLR and TRS jack sockets
  • 2 Stereo Inputs with TRS jack sockets
  • 2 Guitar DI high impedance inputs, eliminating the need for DI boxes
  • Internal FX engine with tap tempo
  • Lo-cut filter for cleaning up unwanted low frequency noise
  • 2 band EQ for easy creative and corrective tonal shaping
  • 60mm smooth travel fader on main mix
  • XLR main outputs
  • Flexible signal monitoring
  • 8 LED signal metering
  • 48V Phantom Power for condenser mics
  • Robust internal power supply
  • Height: 8.9 cm
  • Width: 24.9 cm
  • Depth: 23.6 cm
  • Weight: 1.3 kg
  • Type: Analog
  • Channels: 6
  • XLR Inputs: 2
  • Stereo Inputs: 2
  • Guitar High Impedance DI Inputs: 2
  • XLR Outputs: 2
  • Headphone Jack: 1 x ¼’’
  • Send/Return I/O: 1 x ¼’’ (FX)
  • EQ Bands: 2