We are only undertaking warranty repairs and minor simple repairs such as speaker driver replacements etc.

Items for assessment and repair are subject to an inspection charge of £55.00 + VAT, which will be waived from any repair charge.

Labour is charged at £45.00 + VAT per hour, with the majority of repairs being carried out between  one and two hours.
We will advise an estimated turnaround and cost before any work is undertaken.

Our initial charge is non-refundable and covers our engineers time spent looking at and assessing your repair.

  • Initial engineer diagnosis & first hour labour £55.00 + VAT
  • Per hour thereafter £45.00 + VAT
  • Quick fix (cable, leads, problem solve) per hr £15.00 + VAT
  • Digital Controller setup & problem solve per hr £25.00 + VAT


To submit a repair request, please fill in the form below.


Please note all repairs not collected after 30 days of completion will be sold to recoup parts and labour costs.