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Rob Leivers
Rob L.
Super knowledgeable staff.
Michael Spence
Michael S.
Paul Dickens
Paul D.
Everyone is friendly
Nick Galway
Nick G.
Great shop and Ian is helpful and friendly
Jason Willson
Jason W.
Massive thanks to Tom for helping price up a full set up! Will definitely be back soon!
Tom Deacon
Tom D.
Came in this morning to buy a sound system to start off my mobile DJ venture... I was greeted by Ryan Leivers, Tom Dicicco and Ian Watson and they were all so welcoming and knowledgeable on their products. I will definitely be coming back to these guys for more stuff... Highly recommend!!! 👍😃
Anthony McKenzie
Anthony M.
arunas butkus
arunas B.
Whilst i haven't purchased anything from these guys (yet) they were very kind to send me a photo of the DMX setting for a product i have but had lost the instructions. They were selling the same model on eBay and kindly passed on the instructions, which they didn't need to do. Very Helpful. Thanks
Ian Clark
Ian C.
Fantastic help from the staff and vwry reasonable priced. Just needed a speaker and aux cable for an outside event and no other company made it simple. But this company did. Thank you
Stacey Price
Stacey P.
Excellent service, prices and range of equipment. First class
Stuart Knight
Stuart K.
The Meca for Djs and "lookalikes". The place offers a great range of top end products, sound & ligth. Great costumer service and very competitive prices.
Teixeira Eduardo
Teixeira E.
Excellent customer service and quality equipment
Phil Dell
Phil D.
Helpful staff, great place!
John Record
John R.
Purchased the humpter booth and a laser, along with some extras got to say spot on customer service and excellent cuppa coffee. They really know how to treat the customers 10/10
Daniel Barrett
Daniel B.
As good as djkit
Best disco shop in the UK, very friendly and knowledgeable staff, who provide a great after care service, great range of products, at great prices,
Michael Beharry
Michael B.
Friendly staff, price as good as online and will match/ beat
Alexander Slater
Alexander S.
Excellent customer service. Very knowledgable staff. I went to look at DJ controllers and was able to see all the models I was interested in, see them in action and combined with their extensive knowledge in this area I was able to make an informed decision on the right product for me.
Simon Henderson
Simon H.
A great place to buy equipment from, have a lot of patience and makes sure your satisfied before you buy
Jordan L
Jordan L
Excellent service and advice.
Tim Acland
Tim A.
Been to Fabtronic a few times now and love it. The staff there are amazing and are very welcoming, will be going back a few more times for sure!
Ryan Leivers
Ryan L.
Brite Lites Disco
Brite Lites D.
Fantastic service and best prices. Nothing seems too much trouble to these guys. Keep up the good work 😎
Alister Cass
Alister C.
Very good service, spent a fortune but got a nice brew and good info from the sales team.
andrew shilcock
andrew S.
Nice and good see services and quality equipment.
ololade akinola
ololade A.
Excellent service x
Jimmy Partridge
Jimmy P.
Jack Cooper
Jack C.
Great store and always sort me out with quality kit, they don't stock any rubbish brands here.
Andrew Wagstaff
Andrew W.
Came in looking for a controller and the guys were full of knowledge but also let you try all the different setups in your own time without any pressure to buy, great service and price that you can't get on google, recommend 100%. Got the denon 8000 and case �
Guy Garrett
Guy G.
Regular customer, staff know their stuff.
Daniel Marsh
Daniel M.
The team at Fabtronic are fantastic. Nothing is too much trouble. Prices are very competitive & usually cheaper than the internet. The all important after sales service can not be faulted. No hassle. Plus I’m always offered a cuppa. Well done everyone. �
David Wherritt
David W.
Matthew Kitchker
Matthew K.
Mostly Lighting purchased from these guys for SoulMoFunk Band. Always great advice and guidance. Most products from stock, on point pricing. Worked with them on their Event side, very professional but down to earth to deal with.
Martin Kellett
Martin K.
Andy Atkinson
Andy A.
Charlene Lawton-hodsden
Charlene L.
Great experience in store, helpful staff and a great product range �
Justin Garon
Justin G.
Tom Dicicco
Tom D.
Tom Dicicco
Tom D.
Great Disco store lighting and PA system
Mark Whitlock
Mark W.
Kevin Bird
Kevin B.
great place for sound
Lea Weatherall
Lea W.
Great service and advice again yesterday; could have sold my son expensive pieces of DJ kit which he had his Christmas money's eye on, but they suggested a new configuration of the original setup to solve the problem and take out unnecessary hardware. New leads cost £8.99 and my son is well pleased with the sound! Great advice. Will be returning every time we need any hardware or service. Thanks again.
Jaul Pohnson
Jaul P.
Always help me in my time of need, The team are great and have plenty of knowledge.A very professional company who i have been using for around 10 years and will continue to do so!!!
Stephen S
Stephen S
Connell Laurance
Connell L.
Friendly and very attentive staff.
Stephen Sweet
Stephen S.
Very professional, excellent customer service and product knowledge. Highly recommended.
James Ward
James W.
Andy Swaysland
Andy S.
Excellent store and staff. They are all very knowledgeable and helpful. I usually deal with Mark, of whom is an absolute geezer. Give that man a pay rise and a holiday.
Jake Coleman
Jake C.
Great shop and great service from Mark as always
Kevin Kinghorn
Kevin K.
Can't beat this place....the FAB in fabtronics says it all!
Kev Corcoran
Kev C.
Arthur Achard
Arthur A.
Excellent store with all the DJ gear you can dream of all on display and ready for you to "try before you buy" in their demonstration auditorium. With a full range of PA Systems to suite all budgets hooked up and ready for you to listen to. Plus a massive range of lighting again all on display. Best after sales service due to the fact that they hire gear as well. So if for some reason you experience a faulty product they will have you covered till your product gets sorted. What more could you ask for? I highly recommend Fabtronic!!
Ian Watson
Ian W.
Great store, service and the cup of tea when you walk in just tops it all off! Used for hire, monthly subscriptions, purchases and their installation team. Highly recommend. After sales service first class when something has gone a miss that wasn't their fault, fixed and returned whilst being lent out of hire at no cost. It's why you need to support local shops. You don't get that service from an Internet site in the world somewhere!
Chris Mayhew
Chris M.
Hamid Delbari
Hamid D.
Luke Rehle
Luke R.
These guys are so amazing! They make you feel like you're at home.
Franky Smith
Franky S.
I received my new ADJ Vizi Beam RxOne moving heads last week, i was one of the first to receive them, amazing lights and Fabtronic kept me updated as soon as they came in. For the latest dj products, they are the one to go to at great prices, great customer support by both Mark and Ian!
Amrit Bhambra
Amrit B.
Brilliant! I love this place!!! I pop in nearly every week for a coffee!Great staff, friendly welcome and lots of toys to play with! I remember my first visit, i popped in to buy a bulb for light and ended up buying a DJM2000 mixer and 2 CDJ900's, had to pop back again soon due to forgetting the bulb!The staff and management are very knowledgeable and always pleased to help with anything!!If you find it cheaper, they will do what they can to price-match, but guys!!!!! Come on, its all very well buying things over the internet, but give this place a go, its always better to buy from here as you have a place to go to when things go wrong, they will always try to get you through your gigs whilst investigation your equipment problems. Ive never looked back!!!This place is not more expensive than others, it just sells better equipment!Spanks for reading!
Steve Bodtenberg
Steve B.
I went here to look for some lights and a sound system, I was served by a man called Mark, he was absolutely amazing. Very helpful, full of knowledge and just great. Would highly recommend this shop/company.
Vicky Line
Vicky L.
I've been a Fabtronic customer for many years and can honestly say that I have only ever had first class service from them. The staff are friendly and helpful, and just as importantly, very knowledgeable. The showroom is extensive and up to date, and events are often hosted with top industry names like Pioneer and Yamaha. Well worth a visit IMHO.
Paul Odams
Paul O.
I've used Fabtronic for many years now, and can happily say I've never recieved anything but excellent service from them. Whether I'm buying new equipment (I Like my toys) or getting my existing equipment repaired (I break things a lot) They've always been spot on. If equipment needs to be sent or kept in for repair, they've always made sure I have a suitable replacement, and their ablilty to make me realise I need new equipment (even if my bank account thinks otherwise) is second too none. The repairs are normally quick, resonably priced and communication is spot on. They've helped me out on many "last minute" occasions when something as broken or is need for an event. Throughly recommended!
Just purchased a Portable amplifier. Really helpful, We weren't sure quite what we needed, but were guided to a choice of products and hired one for a weekend to be sure it was up the job. Good, knowledgable staff, curteous, and not at all pushy. Naturally they'll be our first stop when we need more kit.
Paul Felce
Paul F.
Vincent Burgess
Vincent B.
Linda Bull Jackson
Linda Bull J.
Ken Jackson
Ken J.
Can't fault this place helpful staff in every way I buy all of my stuff from here
Onslow KaraokeDisco
Onslow K.
Jack Irish
Jack I.
Matt Barker
Matt B.
We've been renting equipment from Fabtronic for over year now and we're just blown away by the service. The day of our first amplified gig we took our instruments down to their place and set up in the warehouse, and Ian gave us a crash course on the desk and the Bose L1 Compact - enough for us to go and play that night without any qualms. In the 12 months since then we've grown from a duo playing small pub gigs to a four piece, played our first festival last weekend, and doing a 400 seater next month - and we're still hiring from Fabtronic. Never let us down, always willing to advise - we wont be moving on any time soon - nothing is too much trouble for Mark or Ian. Re-defines customer service!!
James Thomas
James T.
David Peel
David P.
Professional, friendly and totally reliable - can do anything from small events to high profile launches with the same excellent dedication and service.
Elaine Pieris
Elaine P.
Can't fault it, good quality and professional equipment at a fair price. Its my first stop shop!
Andrew Twiselton
Andrew T.
Khadija Gulzar
Khadija G.
Wayne Holder
Wayne H.
Eddie Eyeball
Eddie E.
Martin Parrish
Martin P.
Jarred Watson
Jarred W.
Jon Stevens
Jon S.
Matthew Wright
Matthew W.
Bob Travill
Bob T.
Used to travel all the way to Birmingham until i found out there was a better one in Northampton! Everything set out to play around with. Staff do a very good job!!
Keanu Copp
Keanu C.
Jason Macleod
Jason M.
Damian Cox
Damian C.
Randall Solano
Randall S.
Adam Prowse
Adam P.