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Standalone vs Controller

When thinking about Standalone vs Controller a DJ has to carefully consider that the controller is compatible with the software being used. There are both controllers that are either software specific or those that can work with different software. The benefit of software specific controller is that it can provide a powerful integration with the given software. However, it is required that you be sure and set on that software as a DJ. In this situation, the software and controller will work together to provide an excellent level of performance. The functions of the software will respond more efficiently with a controller specifically designed for it.

On the other hand, a DJ will be unable to use these controllers with other standard software. There are some gigs or situations, especially in the beginning, that might not give you access to your own equipment and you will have to do with what is being provided. And it is possible that it will be standard software and your software specific controller will fail in this case. This is why many DJs may favor software versatile controllers. These come with templates for major DJ software so the mapping from the controller to software becomes easy.

Standalone vs Controller

Let us now discuss different types of controllers in terms of their hardware. You can buy USB and wireless controllers, ones with the iOS connection, and vinyl.

It can be incredibly feasible for DJs to use wireless controllers. Fewer the wires, lesser the hassle during a gig. In many controllers, the connection to the software is provided through a USB. Some controllers come completely without wires. These provide even more freedom of movement. Some feature accelerometer-based MIDI controls so the functions can be managed through movements and gestures.

Smartphone age has given rise to a large number of DJ applications. This is why iOS has become an option for many DJs. Adding a few components to an iPod touch, iPhone or iPad, these devices can be converted into an effective rig. This is also an affordable option. This is also a great method of trying out Djing when you are not really sure about continuing it as a career.

Vinyl controllers are chosen by many DJs when they don’t want to go digital. While digital DJ equipment provides more flexibility, it also produces low sound quality according to many DJs. It is said that digital tools take a snapshot when capturing analog sounds. This fails to produce the complete sound waves so the sound definition and impact are decreased. On the other hand, some DJs find vinyl creative and as a classier option than digital tools. Although, at the end of the day, choosing digital or vinyl controllers depends on what suits a DJ’s needs.

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