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Snow Machines

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  • Equinox Fluid 5LT Snow/Foam

    Equinox Fluid 5LT Snow/Foam

    This water based Equinox Fluid 5LT Snow/Foam liquid is specially formulated for use in all manufacturers snow machines. Our specially formulated solution produces the very best snow flakes and lasts up to 30% longer than standard snow fluids. Completely odourless and non-toxic.
  • Equinox Snowblast MKII Snow Machine

    Equinox Snowblast MKII Snow Machine


    The Equinox Snowblast MKII Snow Machine is a compact, high output artificial snow effects machine. The realistic snow effect is achieved via foam which falls and looks virtually the same as real snowflakes. Supplied with a simple to use wireless remote control, hanging bracket and integral 1 litre fluid tank with easy twist off cap.

  • QTX SW-2 Snow Machine

    QTX SW-2 Snow Machine


    The QTX SW-2 Snow Machine has a high output snow effect for large venues and seasonal events. Utilises a heavy duty fan to convert snow fluid into a blizzard of foam particles, giving the impression of snowfall.

  • Showtec Snow/Foam Liquid 5L

    5 Liter, Concentrate Snow Liquid

    9 liter water + 1 liter concentrate = 10 liter snow liquid.

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  • Snow Fluid

    Snow / Foam Fluid, 5 Litre

    A water based snow/foam fluid designed to work with most common brands of snow/foam machine.
    • Produces miniature bubble foam snowflakes
    • Suitable for use in most professional snow/foam machines
    • Manufactured and bottled in the UK
    • Supplied in 5 litre bottles

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