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Pioneer DJ

From humble beginnings in 1994 as part of Pioneer Corporation, we carved our path in the DJ world by unleashing the groundbreaking CDJ-500, the world’s first commercially available flat-top DJ CD player. It took the dance floor by storm, garnering praise from top DJs, media buzz, and even prestigious awards. As a designer of this game-changer, I can’t help but beam with pride even today!

Now, in 2024, nine years after taking the leap of independence from Pioneer Corporation, we’re revving up for the next chapter. Get ready to witness the arrival of innovative new products under the AlphaTheta brand, carrying the torch of quality and innovation you’ve come to expect from us. The AlphaTheta logo, symbolizing diversity, growth, and harmonious convergence, reflects the heart and soul of our mission.

Stay tuned, because both AlphaTheta and Pioneer DJ brands have more sonic adventures in store, ready to keep you dancing into the future.

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