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NEXT HFA 26.12 PA System Package

NEXT HFA 26.12 PA System Package


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The NEXT HFA 26.12 System is an Active 2-way system, integrating the HFA112s to power the passive HFA206p.

The NEXT HFA 26.12 PA System Package Contains: 
2 x HFA206p
2 x HFA112s
2 x Gravity Speaker Poles
2 x Speakon Cables

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NEXT HFA 26.12 PA System Package

The NEXT HFA 26.12 PA System Package Contains: 
2 x HFA206p
2 x HFA112s
2 x Gravity Speaker Poles
2 x Speakon Cables

The NEXT HFA 26.12 System is an Active 2-way system, integrating the HFA112s to power the passive HFA206p.

The System was designed to deliver high output and dynamics, extreme linearity and fidelity for unrivalled performance at a very competitive price.

Entirely manufactured in Portugal, the HFA speaker series uses superb quality custom-made components, loaded with birch plywood enclosures and coated by scratch-resistant textured paint to assure outstanding performance and durability.

The integration with high-efficiency DPAmplifier modules, with 1650 Wrms, and the advanced digital processing, set a new standard for distortion, noise and thermal efficiency, allowing the user to configure the system by selecting the right Preset and let the system do the rest. Of course, as in the other series, the Presets can be edited and stored in 2 USER memories.

A surprisingly simple handling concept lets you plug in and play straightaway.

The HFA206 is a 2×6.5” passive speaker designed for virtually any application where size is critical and high output and outstanding sonic performance are required.

Natural-sounding music and intelligible speech are the result not only of a careful system design, but mainly the selection and matching of the components. To assure maximum performance and reliability, the HFA206p incorporates high-quality custom speakers. This versatile speaker works equally well on tripod stands, on the wall with the custom U-Bracket or as a flying system with a wide range of rigging points.

The cabinets are constructed using birch plywood and finished in durable black semi-matt textured paint. Front and speakers’ protection is assured by an acoustically transparent power-coated metal grille.

The HFA112s is an active 12” compact and powerful subwoofer system loaded by a long excursion, European-made 12” woofer and it is internally powered by a DPAmplifier module. This professional active front-loaded subwoofer was engineered for high-level and extended low-frequency output. The HFA112s uses an integrated 2-channel digital amplifier to power external full-range passive speakers.

The integrated DSP with A/D-D/A low noise converter provides eight selectable presets (six factory-defined and two user-defined) that can be accessed by an easy selector, located on the front module panel or real-time edited by a PC, using the supplied Soundware software, via USB remote control. This permits easy customization of the sound programme, for various applications or different venues. An intelligent automatic standby mode is activated when the amplifier detects no input signal, saving energy and extending the expected work life.

With the Soundware software it is possible to edit the six pre-loaded presets and store them either of the two free memories. Editable parameters are input equalization, input delay, input high-pass/low-pass filters and the ‘bass enhancer’ function. A total of 255 units can be controlled simultaneously by the software.

The HFA112s is also equipped with a top-mounted pole socket that, when in ground-stacked applications, can be used to mount satellite speakers equipped with standard 35mm pole sockets.

Product Specifications


Product Type: Passive Two-way Vertical Array
Frequency Response (-6dB): 80Hz – 18.000Hz
Nominal Coverage (-6dB): 90º x 40º user rotatable
Program Power: 500W
Nominal Impedance: 4Ω
Sensitivity (1W, 1m): 95dB (Full-Space)
Maximum SPL Pgm/Peak (calculated): 121dB / 127dB (Full-Space)
Low Frequency Driver: 2 x 6.5″ (170mm) / 1.5″ (38mm) voice coil, custom speakers
High Frequency Driver: 1 x 1″ (25mm) exit / 1.75″ (44mm) voice coil, custom compression driver
Input Connectors: 2 x Neutrik NL4
Recommended Amplifier: MA1700 / MA900
Dimensions (WxHxD): 219 x 625 x 259 mm
Net Weight: 14.4kg
Shipping Weight: 15.6kg


Product Type: Active Band-Pass Subwoofer
Frequency Response (-6dB): 40Hz – X-over
Low Frequency Extension (-10dB): 34Hz
Maximum SPL Pgm/Peak (calculated): 130dB / 136dB (Half-Space)
Subwoofer Driver: 1 x 12″ (300mm) / 3.5″ (88mm) VC, Neodymium, long excursion, B&C custom speaker
Frequency / Type of X-Over: Defined by Preset or user adjustable by PC
Amplifier Technology: 2 channel switched mode class D with DSP
Amplifier Power: 1650Wrms
Subwoofer Amplifier Power: RMS: 1100W / Program: 1480W / Peak: 2960W
External Satellite Amplifier Power: RMS: 550W / Program: 740W / Peak: 1480W @ 4Ω
DSP Technology: Controlled Networkable DSP 24bit/48kHz
DSP Adjustable Parameters: 6 PEQ, delay, HPF, LPF, Bass Enhancer, Level, Polarity, Mute
DSP Presets: 6 Factory and 2 User, selectable via software or rear panel switch
Control Type: Via RS485 and supplied software “SOUNDWARE”
Cooling Type: Convection/Temperature controlled fan
Power Input: 180V – 245V
Mains Connector: Powercon (Input and Output)
Power Consumption: 770W
Fittings: 1 x 35mm Pole Mount Socket
Handles: 2 on the upper side edges (Black or red)
Construction: 15mm multi-laminate birch ply
Finish: Semi-Matte Black Textured Coating
Dimensions (WxHxD): 349 x 512 x 550 mm
Net Weight: 25.2kg
Shipping Weight: 27.4kg

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