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Introducing the ‘Pioneer DJ OPUS-QUAD’

The Art of Sound: Introducing the OPUS-QUAD

-New all-in-one DJ system creates harmony between beautiful design and playability.

-Evolved features include standalone 4-deck playback and support for multiple sound sources.

-A spectacular DJ experience you can harness to inspire your audience in any space or location.


AlphaTheta Corporation announces the release of the OPUS-QUAD from its Pioneer DJ brand. This new professional all-in-one DJ system puts you in control of the music, like the conductor of an orchestra.  Creating harmony between beautiful design and playability, it includes new and evolved features such as standalone 4-deck playback. All this combines to provide a spectacular DJ experience that you can harness to inspire your audience in any space or location.

Right away, you’ll notice the OPUS-QUAD has a unique look. With a radiating shape that features a sloping top plate and curved edge at the front, it’s designed to not only look sophisticated, but also to enable comfortable and intuitive operation. And, with a matte black finish and earth-colored slits on the front and sides, the unit can enhance the aesthetics of any environment.

For the first time ever on a Pioneer DJ all-in-one DJ system, the OPUS-QUAD offers standalone 4-deck playback to enable versatile DJ performances. And with support for various media types, it gives you total flexibility to adapt to each scenario and play the way you like.

Got an urgent song request? You can find tracks in even the biggest music libraries faster than ever, thanks to the large touch display and new rotary selector on the OPUS-QUAD, which enable you to select songs that fit the occasion. The layout of the deck sections is designed to make performing comfortable and easy too, and each one has a display so you can keep an eye on the track information for each deck without needing to switch your gaze. And with zone output, you even have the option to output sound that’s separate from the master audio, giving you the choice of playing different music genres in different rooms of a venue from just one unit. This, combined with all the evolved features and effects on the unit, gives you more flexibility and greater control of the music.



Product category: Professional all-in-one DJ system

Model number: OPUS-QUAD

SRP: £2,899 including VAT

In-store date: Out now

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