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Gravity KSX 2 RD Mobile DJ Stand

Gravity KSX 2 RD Mobile DJ Stand


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In Stock

Set with KS X2 keyboard stand and KS RD1 rapid desk.

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Gravity KSX 2 RD Mobile DJ Stand

Especially on tour it is important that all instruments, equipment and accessories are compactly packed and can be easily stowed away in the bus. That’s why the Gravity KSX2RD set combines the stable Gravity KSX2 keyboard stand with a double X-form and the Gravity Rapid Desk 1. That makes it easy for you to put up a sturdy table in a few simple steps and also to take it down into two separated flat pieces. Plus, this combination works in pretty much every situation, no matter if you’re playing in the studio or practicing in the rehearsal room.

Measuring 100 cm wide and 48 cm deep, its large table surface provides you with plenty of room to arrange your laptop, DJ mixer, controller or even a small rack synthesizer just the way you like. The stand and tabletop can hold up to 60 kg in weight, whereas the vents in the powder-coated steel support plate ensure your equipment is kept perfectly cool.

In terms of set-up, all you have to do is slide the upper bars of the keyboard stand into the slots located on the bottom middle of the support plate and then open the X-stand. There’s absolutely no need to fasten or screw tight the support plate.


  • Set with KS X2 keyboard stand and KS RD1 rapid desk
  • Quick and easy set-up
  • Air vents for optimum ventilation of instruments
  • Extremely rugged steel structure for a high load-bearing capacity and stability
  • Ideal for DJ controllers, DJ mixers, laptops and rack synthesizers

Product type: Stands and Tripods
Type: Keyboard stands
Weight: 11,359 kg

GKSRD1 – Gravity KSX 2 RD Rapid Desk for X-Type Keyboard Stands

Type: Keyboard stands
Material: Steel
Weight: 6,62 kg
Surface: Powder coated
Colour: Black
Max. support depth: 480 mm
Max height: 43 mm
Width: 1000 mm
Depth: 465 mm
Max load (support): 60 kg
Suitable for tube diameter: 25 – 35 mm

GKSX2 – Gravity KSX 2 RD Keyboard Stand X-Form, Double

Weight: 4,45 kg
Decks: 1
Max. support depth: 400 mm
Min height: 100 mm
Max height: 900 mm
Max load (support): 65 kg
Interchangeable rings: 4 x 30 mm
Black ring pack included: Yes

Mobile DJ, Decks, KSX 2 RD Mobile DJ Stand

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